About FeedMe

We live in a golden age of restaurant delivery services. In Seattle, where we live, there are at least a dozen major companies battling it out. That's great news for us, the hungry consumer. The competition brings us more selection, better prices and better service overall.

Mike and I love getting food delivered, but we noticed we were spending more time juggling the different provider apps trying to find the best delivery option. We noticed that delivery times, prices and selection vary greatly across delivery providers, and at different times of the day. That's what gave us the idea for FeedMe. Our goal is to make ordering delivery an awesome experience. Our focus is on helping make an informed choice about:

  • Selection – This is arguably the most important part. One of life's simplest pleasures is choosing just the right food, whether it's an awesome deep dish pizza or a killer grilled chicken Teriyaki. FeedMe brings you the widest selection so you can find exactly what you want.
  • Fast – We usually order food when we're ready to eat, so we want our delivery to be fast. Besides, who likes eating food that's been sitting around for 30 or more minutes? FeedMe shows you all your options in one place, so you can make the delivery time and price tradeoff in an informed way.
  • Price – There are two parts here: transparency and price. Restaurant delivery services play a lot of games around delivery prices. Some will have high minimums, or they might tack on a hidden 'service fee' on top of a delivery charge. That's why we created FeedMe's "True Pricing" feature, to help you see exactly how much it will cost, before you order.

Delivery Provider Integration Status

We're working to bring you accurate estimates with a wide set of delivery providers. There are some cases where it's difficult to get accurate estimates around delivery times or price. If you have suggestions on who we should add next, don't hesitate to email us.

Provider Delivery Time Pricing
Amazon Prime Now N/A check
BiteSquad check check
Caviar check check
Deliveroo check check
DoorDash check check
Eat24 check check
EatStreet check check
Foodler check check
GrubHub check check
hungryhouse N/A check
Just Eat N/A check
OrderUp N/A check
PostMates check N/A
Seamless check check
UberEats check check


Is FeedMe a food delivery service?

No, it's not. FeedMe aggregates restaurant delivery options available at your location.

Is FeedMe affiliated with any delivery provider?

No, it's not. FeedMe is independently operated. It has no purpose other than bringing you the best restaurant delivery options.

"I found a bug" or "I have a suggestion"

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at hi@bonsaicorp.co.

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Email: hi@bonsaicorp.co